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          History proves that jeans have become an irreplaceable element of the wardrobe, allowing society to immerse itself into the world of fashion. They give everyone the opportunity to express their personality, emotions, and style, becoming the “it product” of the 21st century. Jeans might be simple garments, but they communicate a way of living through the ways we wear them and how we style them.

          This is where we come into the picture.

          Sojeans is much more than just an online store: it is a fashion forward concept store. Our vision is to embody the history and values behind the denim, transmitting an approach of unification across cultures. We strive to be a source or inspiration through the world of fashion, design, music, and art, taking advantage of our presence across Western Europe, in countries like France, Germany, England and Italy, among others.

          Once you immerse yourself in our world, you will discover that there is a lot more to choose from than just clothes. We strive to offer you the necessary advice and stimulation with our perfect matches and total looks, so that you will always be part of the world’s next great trends! All the essentials are here!

          Besides our focus on fashion, we offer you insight into the world of design, music, and art. In order to entirely please you, we have several collaborations with music magazines such as Les Inrock, Brain Magazine, and Soundwall, and we also work with labels such as WARP FR and MAISON KITSUNE. Our blog also offers numerous exclusive interviews with artists such as Synapson, Soul Clap, Acid Pauli, Jimmy Edgar, Ellen Allien, and Magda, just to name a few. Moreso, our collaborations with Rivoli59 have resulted in artist-designed products that are exclusive to Sojeans.

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