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There is a lot of history behind denim, jeans and their inventors.

Henry David Lee, the informed American businessman, noticed the rapidly changing textile market. In 1913, he proposed clothing that would interest people like factory workers and farmers. He created a "Union-all", which was later referred to as denim overalls. In 1917, Lee saw a huge success- especially from receiving large orders from the Army- who then asked of him to produce clothing for the soldiers. The company was then launched on advertising campaigns that heightened its success. Although it was intially based solely from of a little person named "Buddy Lee", the company is now legendary. In 1926, Lee jeans were the first to feature a zip fly closure. The jeans even were even made for women starting in 1949. Vanity Fair acquired the brand in 1969, soon after launching a line for children. Currently, Lee is a brand known worldwide. Lee's collection is all about the dark wash or slightly faded denim that still remains appreciated by the masses.

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